Manjil virinja poovu

Manjil Virinja poovu will be aired every Monday to Friday at 7:00 PM

About the Serial

Anjana, an exceptionally bright young girl, was the daughter of Bhaskaran, a
worker of P K Plantations. As sweet as she was intelligent, she was adored by
everyone who knew her including all the workers at the plantation.
Anjana always had hopes of being the collector of her city and was slowly
inching towards that dream when her life was shattered by her Father’s sudden
sickness, due to which he became bedri

dden. As her father was the sole earning
member of the family, she had no other way except to take up her father’s old
job as a plantation helper.

Enter Mallika, The M D of P K Corporates. Being the quintessential corporate
worker, she always saw lower tier employees as a means to an end and did not
respect them. Her iron-hearted tyranny left all the other workers, including
Anjana in tears and made their lives hell.

Even through these hard times, Anjana was consoled by the fact that she atleast
had her lover Arun, who was also a plantation worker. They had been fast
friends since they were children.

At this time, Mallika’s son,Manu, a womanizer and an alcoholic, joins the
company as vice-chairman. He takes a liking towards Anjana, and publicly
declares that he wishes to marry her. However, Anjana knows that his love nor
his proposal, is sincere.
Anjana’s father dies at this time and wishes for her to marry Manu, and she has
no choice except to agree.
Manu brings anjana home to find Mallika unhappy with the wedding and
cannot accept anjana as a part of her household and even tries to have her killed.
This throws Anjana’s life into further turmoil.
Mallika’s sister-in-law, Prathiba, a sad woman who is confined to her
wheelchair, watches all this, unable to help anjana.
One day, Manu commits a murder and Anjana decides to falsely confess to the
crime, making her rise to Mallika’s good graces for the sacrifice she made.
However, Anjana is later aquitted of all crimes and is now part of the family.
Suddenly, Manu dies in an accident and shortly after, a woman named maya
appears with a baby and claims athat the child is Manu’s.

Prathiba and Anjana become close at this time and gradually Prathiba gets better
and in a sudden twist of fate, it is revealed that Prathibha is the true heir to the
company. Prathibha decides to leave all her belongings to Anjana which causes
further strife in the family.
This story is continuing ……………..

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